Condolence & Memory Journal

Condolences to her family. Mrs. Prendergast was my first grade teacher in the 1980's. She was quite a good teacher I remember her class well.

Posted by Tracy G - MAnchester, MA - Student   March 22, 2022

Tom, I'll always remember our visits together fondly at the Emerson/MGH CC. You are a gem and loved her with every piece of your soul. I am sending you love. ~Nina A., NP @ Mgh CC

Posted by Nina Abelowitz - Concord, MA - Friend   March 21, 2022

We were so sorry to hear about Dorothy, she was truly the queen of Freshwater Bay Barbados.

Posted by Ken, Linda & Lisa Williams    March 21, 2022

Friends and Family never truly leave us. They live on in the hearts they leave behind.

Posted by Diane Harvey Smith - Sharon, NH - Family   March 21, 2022

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I met Dot on my first day at high school. We were great pals from the start, but after I moved away to train as a teacher of science and chemistry - and then moving to Canada to work for 35 years at "Queen Elizabeth High School" (QEHS), Calgary - we lost touch. About 15 years ago, we reconnected via the magic of email, and swapped quite a few memories and yarns about the good old days. My deepest condolences to her family.
Pete (Peter Drake), Hexham, Victoria, Australia

Posted by Peter Drake (Hexham) Teacher (QEHS, Calgary) - School   March 20, 2022

For 25 years, Dot and I put on our tiaras with the rest of the United Woman's Club of Concord Jewel Queens and sold donated jewelry at our December scholarship Fair and July 4th's Picnic in the Park which raised thousands of dollars for deserving CCHS graduates. Her husband and partner Tom and my husband Jim Miller lugged box after box of Fair and July 4th items and helped set-up our 30 feet of tables as well as the takedown of both events for decades. We sat together at Jean Moscariello's "Bears" meetings and she was always a member of our Club tea committee. The loss I feel is tremendous. Tom took the best care of Dot that anyone could possibly carry out during her last months. Deepest condolences to all who knew and loved this amazing woman. She had a spark and a zest for life that few enjoy and I will miss her terribly.

Posted by Jill Henderson - Carlisle, MA - Family Friend   March 20, 2022

Mrs. Prendergast was a wonderful lady. She was my first-grade teacher in 1968, and she was a friendly and excellent teacher. I was a grateful 1980 recipient of one of those scholarships she helped fund through the West Concord's Women's Club. She helped me, and so many others. - Jim Davidson

Posted by Jim Davidson - Fort Collins, CO - Student   March 20, 2022

Before my first child entered kindergarten at Thoreau School , l had heard about Mrs. Prendergast. I heard that she was an old school kind of teacher, and strict. Being a progressive 80's era Mom,I was not sure this was the kind of teacher I was looking for, for my daughter.

But in first grade she was assigned to Mrs. Prendergast's class. This was the best thing that ever happened for us. My daughter had some learning challenges, and Dot's incredible gift for teaching helped her to thrive. At the end of the year, Dot told me that she was moving into grade 2 and she specially requested that my daughter be put into her class.

Over the years I would run into Dot at various locations about town. She seemed well and happy in her retirement years, with her many travels and her old (new!) relationship with Tom. She never failed to ask me about Chloe, and rejoice in her later successes.

There are some teachers that always stand out in our memories in later life. Dot Prendergast is surely one of them.
Thank you Dot. You certainly chose the right path in life and many kids are better for having had your early guidance along their educational journey.

Posted by Anne Shuman - Concord - Acquaintance   March 20, 2022

My most beloved teacher. I remember her jumping rope with us in her long skirt and laughing when I told her she looked cute in her rain hat or at any other of my wardrobe comments. She attended my mother's funeral and several of my brothers recitals up through highschool. Rest easy Mrs. Prendergast. You were loved. ❤

Posted by Shane Lazar - Acton, MA - Student   March 20, 2022

I'm so sorry to learn of Dot's passing. My children were among the many who benefited from Dot's wonderful teaching skills and sincere dedication to helping mold the mind and character of our young ones. Combining firm guidance and discipline with smiling compassion (and a special twinkle in her eye), Dot remains a favorite memory from my years living in Concord. Rest in peace, Mrs. Prendergast.

Posted by Dr. Steven Lazar - Palm Coast, FL   March 20, 2022

I will add my condolences to her family! Although I was never in her class myself, at least one of my siblings must have been, because Mrs. Prendergast was a regular attendee at the annual spring tea my late Mom used to hold for all of her kids' elementary school teachers. My sibs all moved away from Concord many years ago, but I remember those parties; I remember Mrs. Prendergast's name; I remember her face; and I definitely remember her reputation as a highly valued and respected educator!

Posted by Carrie (Hatch) Flood - Concord, MA   March 19, 2022

So sorry to hear of my mother's long time friend and fellow teacher's passing. My condolences to her family and friends.

Posted by Mark Higgins - Maynard, MA - Friend   March 19, 2022

I remember Mrs. Prendergast as my elementary school teacher at Thoreau. What a wonderful teacher and beautiful example to young children's development. She always encouraged, supported and championed her students.....she was one in a million and I've never forgotten her. My heartfelt sympathy to her loving family. Mrs. P lived a great life!

Posted by Deb Williams - Pepperell, MA - Student   March 18, 2022