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I knew Barry before I knew Barry. I played against him, and he was a real force to be reckoned with. He was always trash talking and making jokes keeping things light hearted. I would register my teams with him for Fifer’s Fair and help him put up their nets. I never played against him at Fifer’s because he was in the Elite class. I got to know Barry in 2004 when Jamie, his daughter, was on the inaugural freshman volleyball team. In the off-season he arranged for gym space for the kids to play pickup games at Blanchard. That winter he coached Jamie’s volleyball team at CMASS and asked me to be his assistant. From that time on he and I coached middle school and junior kids four seasons a year until his passing. When Barry coached, he had to be on the court interacting with the players. He was not one to coach from the sideline. He thrived on being physically involved, and so did the players. Whenever we’d split the players into groups, Barry’s group was always the