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So very sorry to hear of Madalyn’s passing. She was known to me as the life-long much-beloved friend of my Aunt Harriet and of Harriet’s sister (my mom), Jean Denton. I remember her as just the nicest person, and heard her name so often mentioned by my mom, my grandma and aunt while growing up that I felt like she was practically a member of our family also. Sending my deepest condolences to her family during this difficult time.
Harriet Carlton Bridges, Madalyn, and Jean Carlton Denton, Publick House, Sturbridge, MA, 1996
I remember that the first few times I spoke to Madalyn, I felt almost immediately attached to her. She had a gentle, soft voice, a joyful and curious spirit, and a subtle sense of humor that almost made me laugh. When I first met her, she was in her early 80’s. However, she was not like a typical 80-year-old. She made friends quickly, held interesting and witty conversations with new people, and even had a youthful-looking face. When talking to her, you almost forgot about her age; All you knew was that you wanted a friend like her. Ten years passed by very quickly.Madalyn was in her 90’s when she started to receive visitors. Each time I visited her, I had to re-introduce myself, and each time, warmth and sincerity and love would overflow from her. I visited Madalyn when my first child Jack was young. Madalyn, in her 90’s, would literally hold him and roll with him on her sofa. She would imitate animal sounds and make funny expressions. She was a young woman who first fell in l