Condolence & Memory Journal

I still cry for you every night buddy, you where my best friend in the world, Celia and mark, you raised an amazing kid I'm so sorry you have to go through this I truly am, but he will never be forgotten by me or anyone who knew him, he was family to me

Posted by Cody Ricci - Lexington, MA - Brother   January 20, 2021

Rip buddy I miss you a lot

Posted by Cody Ricci - Lexington, MA - Friend   September 04, 2020

Celia, I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of your son, and my heart goes out to you and your family. I'm glad to hear that you both enjoyed music. I offer you a short quote and hope it provides you some small comfort. "Cause them to enter the garden of happiness, cleanse them with the most pure water, and grant them to behold Thy splendors on the loftiest mount." Baha'i Prayer. My Deepest Condolences,

Deborah Peirce, Concord, MA June 8, 2020

Posted by Deborah Peirce - Concord, MA - Friend   June 09, 2020

Mark, Celia, and family,
I know my words are slow in arriving, but I want to let you know that you're in my thoughts. I know your son only through you, Mark, and the words of those who knew him. His loss leaves a hole in your lives that will always be there, but slowly filled with memories and thoughts of his life and your time together. I hope to be there for you, Mark, when we can meet again. And Celia, please know you are not alone.

Posted by Bob Zinck - CONCORD, MA - Friend   June 08, 2020

Celia my heart goes out to you and your family. May you find comfort in your wonderful memories of Nick. You are in my prayers now and always.

Posted by Laverne Martinez - Boston, MA - Coworker   June 02, 2020

Celia and Family,
May there be blessings upon the departed and comfort to those left behind.
Deepest Condolences,

Posted by Sarah Hetman - East Bridgewater, MA   June 02, 2020

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My heart goes out to you during this time.

Posted by Cheryl DeCastro - Arlington, MA - Coworker   June 02, 2020

On behalf of Cody Ricci, I wanted to offer our sincere condolences. Cody adored Nick ever since they met at Dearborn Academy. Cody thought Nick was the coolest kid and especially liked his humor and taste in music. Our hearts go out to you all.
Jean Ricci for Cody Ricci

Posted by Cody Ricci - Lexington, MA - Classmate   May 12, 2020

Sorry is too small of a word to try and encapsulate the weight of something like this. I can only hope that the grace of those around you can lift you up and help towards a path of peace and solace. My thoughts and heart are with you, hoping that even this small contribution can be of some comfort.

Posted by Jonathan Woodard - Friend   May 12, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark,

I am so sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in memories of happier times.

Posted by Marilyn Racette - Waltham, MA - Friend   May 09, 2020

Dear Mark and Celia, I was so sorry to learn of Nicky's death. He was part of our lives for so many years when the boys were young, and I will always remember him as one of the gang. Nothing is as hard as this; it is such a terrible loss. My heart goes out to you both. With deep sadness and affection, Chris, Seven, Dani, Matiu, and Abraham.

Posted by Christina Thompson - LINCOLN, MA - Family Friend   May 09, 2020

Mark and Celia, I'm so sorry for your loss. I met Nick about ten years ago when Mark brought him along to a job. I remember that Nick was a nice kid, and father and son enjoyed spending the time together.

Posted by Jim Repa Repa - Medford, MA - Friend   May 05, 2020

Celia and Mark, I know Nick only through these condolence notes. What a wonderful friend, classmate, and son you have all enjoyed!

Posted by David Schwartz - Belmont, MA   May 05, 2020

So sorry to hear of this loss. My heart goes out to you and Mark.

Posted by SUSAN HOLBERT - Waltham, MA - Friend   May 05, 2020

So sorry to hear about Nick's passing. My prayers and thoughts are with you both.

Posted by Tom Pendergast - Cambridge, MA - Friend   May 05, 2020

Mark, I'm so sorry for you loss. Me and my family will keep you in our prayers.

Posted by Chris Nowselski - Sudbury, MA - Coworker   May 05, 2020

I'm so sorry for your loss, Mark. Thinking of you during this difficult time.

Posted by Shannon Petrik - Norwood, MA - Coworker   May 05, 2020


Dear Ceila and Mark, I am heartbroken to hear of Nicks passing. My heart goes out to your whole family. As a teacher at Dearborn, I was lucky enough to be part of his Home Room Team. He always greeted us with a huge smile and was quick to discuss music, rocks and minerals and jewelry with me. He would ask to stop into the jewelry studio to show me his latest project in Metals. He had such a creative mind. He also had a huge kind heart and such a childlike inquisitive spirit. He will truly be missed by every life he has touched. Sending my deepest sympathy and prayers.

Posted by Julie Papageorge - SOUTH HAMILTON, MA - Teacher   May 04, 2020

Nick was at my bat-mitzvah party in 8th grade and I remember him having such a blast with the rest of our small class of 2013 from Lincoln Public Schools. I remember him coming over to my house once to watch movies with some other classmates...such a funny and nice person! Sending my condolences.

Posted by Taylor Sussman - Lincoln, MA - Classmate   May 04, 2020

Mark, I am very sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. Wishing you comfort, peace and happy memories.

Posted by Jen Hawes - Hanson, MA - Coworker   May 04, 2020

Celia and Mark - I'm so sorry to hear about Nick. While I was never super close to Nick, I certainly have tons of memories with him over the years at Lincoln. I played on many teams with him, from Tri-Town basketball to Sudbury Little League to the Lincoln school baseball team. I will always remember Nick being the funniest kid on our middle school baseball team. Nick would always find a way to make the whole team laugh, whether it was cracking jokes to our coach when his wife would call during practice, to stealing teammates sunflower seeds or gum, only to later tell them and laugh about it. Nick was always an integral part of our team. I will also always remember taking Fairweather shots in the Brooks gym with a bunch of guys. Nick has a way with a basketball and could make the most ridiculously impossible shots both during practices and games. These types of deep 3-pointer shots quickly earned the nickname of Fairweather Shots. To this day I will always think of him and his skill when I take or see someone take a deep 3-pointer. Nick was a great athlete and a better kid and friend to all of us that knew him at our time at the Lincoln School, and I'm truly lucky to have known him. I am so sorry for the Fairweather family's loss.

Posted by Eli Eckhouse - Lincoln, MA - Friend   May 03, 2020

We are so saddened to hear of the loss of Nick. Full of energy, he always had a certain sweetness to his way. Across youth sports, K-8 years and beyond, he was a part of our community and will be missed. Peace to him and to Celia and Mark.

May his memory be a blessing.

Noah & Catherine

Posted by Noah & Catherine Eckhouse/Popper - Lincoln, MA - Family Friend   May 03, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark, We are so sad that Nick has passed. Chris remembers him as a serious weapon in the batter's box, and we both remember Nick active your yard, just across the field. Our hearts go out to both of you. - Sarah and Chris Andrysiak

Posted by sarah andrysiak    May 03, 2020

Celia and Mark, we were so saddened to hear of Nick's passing - our hearts and love go out to you
Love, Maria Haarstick and Family

Posted by Maria Haarstick - Lincoln, MA - Friend   May 03, 2020

Lots of love to Celia,Mark and families

Posted by Ian Tofler - Los Angeles, CA - Friend   May 03, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark,
We are so sorry about Nick and hope the warmth of friends and family brings you peace in the coming days. The obituary describes a talented, vibrant young man who was loved by many we wish we'd had the opportunity to know him.
Love, Susie and Alan

Posted by Susan Miller    May 03, 2020

To Celia and Mark:
So sorry to hear about Nick and your loss. I know you were great parents. He was lucky to have you.

Posted by brian asarnow - Eatontown, NJ - Family Friend   May 03, 2020

Celia and Mark, We are so sorry to learn of Nick's passing. We have fond memories of him from when our kids were younger. Randy, Christopher and I send our heartfelt condolences, love and prayers.

Posted by Ann Braithwaite - Lincoln, MA - Friend   May 03, 2020

I just am so sorry to hear of this crushing loss. Some of us know Mark pretty well, and we got to know Nick to an extent, and are grief-stricken for his pain alone and the moreso for the family. You and he will be in our thoughts and hearts from now on. How very sad. I hope the fondness and love of friends and teammates are at least of some meager support in this terrible time.

Posted by David Moran - Wayland, MA - Friend   May 03, 2020




Posted by Moe Silberzweig Silberzweig - Acton, MA - Friend   May 02, 2020

Dear Celie and Mark
We are so saddened by this tragic loss. Looking through the pictures of his way too short life, his zest for life is so visible. Our thoughts and hearts are with you

Posted by Marsha Turin - Concord, MA - Friend   May 02, 2020

Dear Celia,
I'm so very sorry to learn about your son's passing. Please know that you're in my head and my heart.

Posted by Marcia Zuckerman - Charlestown, MA - Friend   May 02, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark,
We were so sad to hear about the loss of Nick. We all have fond memories of our time with him. He was always able to make us smile and laugh. Our hearts break for you and you are in our thoughts and prayers. - Jill, Jena, Bryan, Lori, Helen, Olga and Glenn (his Dearborn Family)

Posted by Jill Sherwood - Medford, MA - Teacher   May 02, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark, Erik and I are heartbroken for you. I remember our boys playing together so many years ago. Nick was always full of life, full of fun. Please know that our thoughts are with you both in your time of loss.

Posted by JoEllen Altschaefl - Jamaica Plain, MA   May 01, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark,
I wish to express our sincere condolences to you both for the loss of Nick. I know this is a personal time of great sadness for you both. Please know that you both are in our thoughts during this difficult time. I wish you peace and strength.
With great sadness and warmest regards,
Joe and Yuichi
1 May 2020

Posted by Joe Vaughan - Temple, NH - Family Friend   May 01, 2020

Hey Mark, I am so sorry to learn of Nick's death. I did not really know him but I know Alan was fond of him. I wish you and your wife peace.

Posted by Sharon Antia - Lincoln, MA - Neighbor   May 01, 2020

I'm very sorry to hear about Nick's passing and I want to send you all my condolences. We got to see the good in Nick and were all sad to learn about his passing.

Posted by Howard Rossman - Lexington, MA   May 01, 2020

Dear Celia and Mark,
Our hearts are with you at this sad time.
George and Vera Deak

Posted by George Deak Deak - FRAMINGHAM, MA - Friend   May 01, 2020


Hi Celia and Mark, I'm dropping by to share some love with Nick and your family!

I just wanted to say I enjoyed growing up with Nick. He's always been charismatic and I enjoyed the time I spent with him and making new friends with his support. Lincoln is a really small town, which can be great at times, but Nick provided me an outlet for meeting and maintaining friend groups outside of our small town. I can't thank him enough for helping me to further progress all my friendships and experiences, especially considering how closed off Lincoln can appear to be to a young child in middle school/high school.

With Nick's social support I opened up countless avenues of support and friendship, and I wan't to remind you good karma wont forget that! The Mount/Mitchell family will always be there/right down the street if you ever wanna stop in. Sending you all my love.

Thank you,
Josephina (Jojo) Mitchell

Posted by Josephina Mitchell - Lincoln, MA - Friend   May 01, 2020

My sincere sympathies to you and your family. I remember Nick fondly from his days at the Lincoln School, and I know he will be greatly missed.

Posted by Shirley Daniels - Concord, MA - Teacher   May 01, 2020

My condolences to your family during this terrible time. I worked with Nick as a teacher or coach for all 9 years he was at the Lincoln School. I will remember Nick for his abilities and passion on the baseball diamond.

Posted by Ryan Cassidy - Tewksbury, MA - Teacher   May 01, 2020

My condolences for the loss of you and your family. I was at cushing house with Nick and he truly made the difficult time better for all of us. One of the funniest people I have ever met. He won't be forgotten by us.

Posted by John Ellis - Boston, MA - Friend   April 30, 2020


Celia and Mark - My heart goes out to you both during this difficult time. I always enjoyed watching Nick and his friends play basketball on Saturdays. The energy and enthusiasm for the game and each other was a highlight of my week. I'm so saddened by this news and hope you can find some peace in the fond memories we all have of your son - Dan Pereira

Posted by Daniel Pereira - Lincoln, MA - Family Friend   April 30, 2020

I'm so sorry to hear about Nick. He was such a great spirit. I served as Nick's principal at Lincoln School. Please take care of yourselves.

Posted by Steve McKenna - Lexington, MA - Teacher   April 30, 2020

Jeanne and I were greatly saddened to learn of Nick's death. The last time the three of us were together, we had a lively and interesting conversation with him about his future plans, which he hoped would carry him forward in some sports venue. He was talented in many ways, and we are sure that he will be missed by a wide circle of his friends. Victor Aronow and Jeanne Frieden

Posted by Victor Aronow - Phoenix, AZ - Family Friend   April 30, 2020